Mediasoft International’s digital ticket purchase service was created to serve you online, so you can enjoy the movie you want. The following terms are intended to help you understand the ticket purchase process from www.gocinema.gr, your obligations and your rights. If you have any questions, please contact us. The Terms of Purchase are up to you and are included in the Terms of Use of the website. Each ticket you purchase is a license to watch this show and is subject to the additional terms that may appear on it.


Payment for the Products and Services available through the website www.gocinema.gr is made exclusively by debiting the user’s credit card. The card is charged by booking tickets and completing the online transaction. The website www.gocinema.gr has taken all the appropriate measures for the security of transactions by credit card. In case of inability to charge the credit card, the order is automatically canceled. Mediasoft International reserves the right to change prices without notice. Booking Confirmation If you do not receive a booking confirmation message via the confirmation page after sending your details to complete your payment, or if you receive an error message or service interruption when sending your details, it is your responsibility to contact Mediasoft International, to find out if your transaction was completed or not. Mediasoft International does not accept responsibility for your financial or other loss in the event that for any reason you do not receive confirmation of your order and payment.


Before buying your tickets, make sure that you have chosen the correct display (title, date, time). After the completion of your transaction it is not possible to refund or change your tickets. Also, tickets that have been lost, stolen or damaged are not covered.


Some screenings may be canceled or postponed due to force majeure. In this case, contact Mediasoft International for information on the refund process or the use of your tickets for alternative viewing.


Mediasoft International is not liable to users for any damages resulting from the non-execution or untimely execution of their order, and reserves the availability of seats in cases of force majeure and in all cases where movie screenings are canceled due to its fault. their distributor. In any case, Mediasoft International takes care of the timely information of the users about the unavailability of the seats. The gocinema website is not responsible for the possible non-availability of the system, nor does it guarantee the uninterrupted, accurate and error-free provision of the service.